Monday, September 20, 2010

Me and my Best Friend!
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Our Cute Family! Taken July 5, 2010 at the International Peace Gardens.
Haylee 8, Shayla almost 7, AJ 3, Chelsey 6 months.
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Monday, August 23, 2010

School Days

Haylee and Shayla started school on Monday August 16th. Haylee is in the 3rd grade and Shayla is in 2nd grade. They both love school.
JC and I finished summer semester officially on August 13th. Both of us did well in our classes. I will admit that it was difficult to do school during the summer because part of me just wanted to play with the kids. I was proud to get an A in Oceanography, and a B in College Algebra. JC also did very well receiving A's in both of his classes. Fall semester starts for us on Wednesday. All of JC's classes are again on line and one of his classes the information was released early so he has already completed 5 out of the 15 lessons for the semester. I tease him because he is in such a hurry. But part of me wishes that I could get a head start. This semester I have to actually attend class and I am getting very nervous. I haven't attended a class in over 11 years. I am thankful that the classes are only on Tuesday and Thursdays so I will still be home most of the time.
AJ can't wait to begin preschool. He doesn't start until September. He will get to do 2 years of preschool because of having a fall birthday. It is so hard to see your children get big. Chelsey is now 7 months old. She is a ball of energy. Crawling everywhere and getting into everything. I can't believe she is so big.
I am hoping to be a little bit better at blogging. We now have family that live in Australia and this way they can know what is going on in our lives a little easier.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What A Month

Well here we are the 9th of February already, we have experienced a lot this past month. 1 month ago tomorrow Jennifer and I introduced into the world our fourth child and third daughter. Chelsey Anne was born on the 10th of January at about 2 minutes to 6 in the evening. The day started out normal with me going to work, only to be called to the hospital after Jen and her mom went and were told we were going to have a kid. Chelsey weighed in at 8lb 15oz and was a lengthy 21 inches long. Chelsey has tons of black hair that Jennifer is just dying to play with. Jen was extremely upset when A.J. had so much hair and I would not let her play with it, by putting bows in it even if just in the house. Jennifer and I also embarked on our next semester of schooling; taking 3/4 time credits worth of classes Jennifer has her hands extremely full right out of the chute. The girls have been off track for the past three weeks, both Jennifer and I are excited to get them back in school, and not at each others throat over which toy they would like to play with (usually which ever one the other is currently playing with). A.J. finally has ceased his Christmas Carol singing he has moved onto Old McDonald had a farm, and other assorted Disney Channel songs. I am still just working away trying to pick up a few extra shifts so that Jen is able to stay home with the kids and recover from the birth. That is about it for this time.

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year!

The new year is finally here! My girls went back to school today and will go for the next 3 weeks and then will go off track for 3 weeks. They are already counting down the days until they go off track. AJ is still singing christmas carols all day around the house. I can tell that he loves to sing and it is so cute to hear him make up the words that he does not know.

Last week we celebrated my big 30 birthday with my family. It wasn't quite as bad as I thought it would be. Lots of laughing and teasing at my age but I took it well, and decided to go along with it and throw some puns in myself.

Our family is anxiously awaiting the arrival of our newest member who is due to arrive on January 15th. She is more then welcome to decide to come anytime now. I am so ready to be able to see my feet when standing and my swollen ankles would definately enjoy the pressure to be relieved.

Well we hope everyone is enjoying the New Year!